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We have decided to communicate via this blog to our clients and friends, to inquiring readers, to the public at large and to interested media representatives in Ontario, across Canada and wherever the worldwide web may reach.  

Why? and Why Now?

The times have changed. We all use Internet information sources. Some are reliable. Some are entertaining. Many are misleading. Few are truly informative and thoughtful. We strive to be one of the few that brings insight to you, that provokes you to think about your life and world, and that encourages you to stop, think and act.

We will write about a wide range of issues: 

  • Employment matters, to be sure.
  • The exercise of rights at the workplace. 
  • The benefits of collective action and effective unions. 
  • The limits to collective bargaining in the post modern and industrial West.
  • The limits of a rights and law-based approach to inequality. 
  • The erosion of workplace rights in Canada and beyond. 
  • How "globalization" is a clarion call to stymie engaged political debate and discourse about the present imperial age. 
  • International events and affairs as they pertain to rights and obligations. 
  • Human rights writ large - what are human rights in Ontario, in Bangladesh, in Central Java, in Sierra Leone, in Iran, in Russia or in France? How are they the same? Why do they differ?
  • What does it mean if our focus is about human rights while we are surrounded by inequality at home and abroad and by ascertainable differential access to prosperity?
  • What does "social justice" mean? 

We will catalogue our blogs for easy access. 

We will not provide legal advice via blogs. 

Our blogs will at best be information and insight, a gloss on events that you have heard about, a comment about something that has been presented as significant but on close analysis has been mischaracterized, or a comment on something seemingly insignificant but that on closer analysis is meaningful and can teach us something about ourselves, our community and our society.

We will write not less than monthly and not more often than weekly.

Most importantly, we want our readers to shake their heads up and down or laterally when they have read what we have written, not because they agree with our views or perspective,† but because they understand or appreciate some concern in a more focused way than they did  minutes before.  

We blog because we care about you and about the society in which we all live and work, and the world writ large that impacts more and more profoundly on our everyday lives.

Thank you for your interest in what we think.
Brian Shell


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